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July 22, 2023

took place 8AM - 11AM  in/ at

PIATT PARK for its first meeting!

We showed up and showed out.

 We brainstormed OJIAT'S first question at 10 AM.

Our Question:  What do we want our annual En Plein Air meets benefitting artists to be?


 Cincinnati Black Music Walk of Fame was a fantastic addition to our day by coincidence!

Posting photos in January 2024.

Music to listen to while working and reading:

Youtube:  Variety Contemporary

Youtube:  Reading

Books to read:


 Author:  Lysa Terkeurst

"THE LIGHT WITHIN"         Author:  Michelle Obama

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Ohio Arts Council

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Ground floor entry-level work for students and others to do:

 Minimum wage and better

Entry level.  Graduates bachelors degree or better:

Intermediate wages and better

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you want to sell:

Work! Work!! Work!!!

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Ohio Arts Council

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Piece Meal (Handmade ) Work by Lettie:  Think of the fabric you want.  Make a selection from fabric you see below and email OJIAT2011@GMAIL.COM with your contact information SOON!

*OJIAT works with fabric you purchase or have at home as well.

      Solids & Prints              Homeland - African fabrics         Stretchy  fabrics

                Fig. 1                                                 Fig. 2                                             Fig. 3    

Haute Couture.  Originals. Made just for you.  Mass production of your original designs.  Give OUR JOURNEY is a TREASURE® a try at meeting your church, group, business, or corporate needs.  

                                                                                            And ...Thank you!

Designers coming together in order to please you!  Experience OJIAT results!

                  OUR JOURNEY is a TREASURE® (OJIAT)

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